Winter fun

Seasonal Fun
Winter is not just about snowstorms and freezing cold temperatures. There are many winter activities that are fun to do with friends and family.

Hockey is a fun sport to play and watch, and involves players wearing ice skates and hitting a puck into a net with a hockey stick to score a goal.

Many people like to go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, and children (and adults) like to find a big hill to go tubing or sledding down.

A snowball fight — where you make round balls of snow and throw them at each other — is always fun with friends.

 If you plan on having fun outside during winter, you need to wear clothing that keeps you warm. Snow pants or a snowsuit will keep you warm and snow boots will keep your feet dry when enjoying the outdoors. A beanie will keep your head warm and it is important to always wear a jacket when outside in cold weather. Always!
You will want to protect your hands with gloves and wear sunglasses so you do not get snowblind, which is another term for not being able to see when the sun shines on the bright snow.
If you need a break from the chill, cuddle on the couch and watch the Disney movie “Frozen.” Not only will it help increase your winter vocabulary, but it will inspire you as you see other fun ways to make the most of the snow-covered winter wonderland outside your door.

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