Angry with or Angry at
Which is correct grammatically correct: angry with or angry at someone?

It appears both variants are correct, they could have slightly different meanings though:

be angry at something or someone - to be irritated by or indignant about it or them.
be angry with someone or something - to feel or express displeasure, disappointment, etc towards them or it.

#2 (with) is milder as it means being 'uncomfortable' or 'displeased' about something.
#1 (at) is probably stronger


Play the .mp3 files (they are large so be patient).
1. Just listen. I will speak, quite quickly, in a natural voice.
2. Listen and write I will speak more slowly.
3. Listen to the first file again - Check and make any corrections you think necessary.
4. Check what you have written.

The title 'CEO' stands for 'chief executive officer'. The CEO takes care of the day-to-day running of a company. He or she is the main manager in an organisation and its best-known member.

The company he or she heads can be a small or medium-sized firm or a large corporation. Some CEOs also serve as the chairman or woman of the board of directors or the president of their company, but those roles are not necessarily the same. Also, CEOs do not have identical job descriptions in every company.

These job titles in Britain and the US are not fixed by law, so translations can vary according to the type of company. Often, 'CEO' is used simply as a descriptive term that means 'boss' or 'company head'.