Most commonly confused words....

Most commonly confused words....

a/an/and -
A is used before a word beginning with a consonant or consonant sound.
I would love a new car.
An is used before a word beginning with a vowel or vowel sound.
I took an apple for a snack.
And joins words or clauses.
I love apples and bananas.

accept/except -
Accept means to receive.
I accept your gift.
Except means to exclude.
I'll give you all my baseball cards except for the Micky Mantle.

addition/edition -
An addition is something that is added.
We built an addition onto the house.
An edition is one in a series of printed material.
Did you see the latest edition of the paper?

advice/advise -
Advice is an opinion offered as a guide.
My advice is to study before tests.
Advise is the action of offering an opinion as a guide.
I advise you to study before tests.

affect/effect -
Affect means to influence something.
He affects me strangely whenever he winks at me.
Effect means a result or to cause something to happen.
Your wink has the strangest effect on me.

allowed/aloud -
Allowed means permitted to happen.
The child is allowed to stay up late on weekends.
Aloud means out loud.
Read your papers aloud to hear your mistakes.

all ready/already -
All ready means everyone is ready.
We're all ready for summer vacation.
Already means before.
David had already complete that class.

are/our -
Are is a verb, the plural of is.
We are going to the store.
Our is a possessive pronoun, meaning belongs to us.
That is our house.

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