It Slang

The best of IT slang
 📌 Cyberslacking John's job is so boring and monotonous that he started сyberslacking by browsing Youtube for hours everyday.
 📌 Hotspot
 1. Hotspots can be found using crowdsourced online mapping databases - allowing mobile applications to use this data to provide location-based hotspot finding.
 2. Wi-Fi (hotspot) is now available in all rooms further than common area!
📌 Newbie Using our constructor, any newbie to the Internet will be able to complete almost any task related to the creation of a site for today's entrepreneur.
📌 Potato quality Sorry for the potato quality photos of the birthday party.
📌 Widget – от window + gadget Quite simply, I have decided that this blog will track the festival and, through a widget, will give you the opportunity to take part from here.

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